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How to Installation of the BRC Fence

BRC fence is also kind of easy installation production. Need to follow the normal installation process of metal fence products. We will give an example of the BRC fence installation based on 2.5m width.1.Measure the BRC fence width of per set, calculate correctly if need to install all post together. Setting up the post into the holes on the ground every 2.5 linear meter. If the ground is concrete, we need to set up the post flange plate with M10 (min) anchor bolts into the concrete ground. During measure process, please make sure the line is straight or it is followed your plan. We can not change it after setting up the post.

2.Take the BRC fence panel out and stand up close to the fence panel. Need to make sure there is little space between the BRC fence panel and post. It should be touch or has very small space which will not affect setting up the V clips.

3.Setting up the V clips by vertical distance according to the punched holes on the post. Normally it is about 450mm or 600mm for per V clip. If the bolts are self drilling bolts, then we do not need any holes on post, just drill the bolts into the post wall accordingly.

4。 Installing post rain cap on the top of the post in the end。 If the height of BRC fence is too difficult for installing post cap, please set up the post cap first before set up the post。 If the post cap is metal cap and already been welded on the post, then do not need to do any work on the post cap installation。



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