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Chain link fence around Concord retirement home approved despite neighbors’ concerns

CONCORD — Taylor Glen Retirement Center, on Taylor Glen Lane, has been given approval to install a fence along the property, much to the dismay of neighbors.

The property has three parcels totaling about 124 acres on the north side of Pitts School Road Northwest。

At Thursday’s City Council meeting, city leaders adopted an ordinance that amends the official zoning from Office Institutional Use and Residential Medium Density to a consolidated Office Institutional Conditional District.

William Stillerman, the owner and registered agent for Baptist Retirement Homes of North Carolina Inc., submitted an application to add about 8,735 linear feet of black- vinyl-coated, chain link fence to the perimeter of the property.

Stillerman provided a site plan, photographs of the property’s existing conditions and landscape plan to demonstrate the improvements.

pk10开奖记录“I think they just wanted to fence in all of their property, from a security standpoint, not wanting the residents to be able to get off the property, but also not wanting people from the outside getting on the property,” said Concord City Manager Lloyd Payne. “It seems reasonable, but at the same time we understand the concerns of the neighbors, too, not necessarily wanting a chain-link fence.”

pk10开奖记录Neighbors spoke at Thursday’s council meeting to let council members know of their issues with the fencing.

pk10开奖记录Payne said the applicant agreed to several compromises, including growing trees as a buffer。

“I think it was a good concession to have the additional buffering and trees that they agreed to,” Payne said. “That wasn’t necessarily a requirement. Over time, the idea would be to shield that fence altogether.”



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